July 25, 2022

Event Manager: job opportunities after training

We have spoken extensively about theevent managerthe skills he must possess and the activities he is called upon to perform with certain competences to be demonstrated (read the article here).

But what are the actual job outlets for this increasingly in-demand professional?

The chances of finding employment for a event organiser are many and varied, precisely because of the fact that this figure encompasses a range of skills that can be deployed in different areas.

Employment outlets include the possibility of working in commercial companies, tourism industries, hotel accommodation, advertising agencies, public relations agencies, press offices, non-profit organisations, corporations and municipalities.

The Event Manager may be involved in the organisation of events either as an employee or as an external consultant.

Here is a list of some of the possibilities that arise in the career of an event manager:

  • Starting your own business, like opening an events agency.
  • Organising events for commercial companies.
  • Take care of marketing and event promotion by opening or working for a communications agency or advertising agency.
  • Working for increasingly prestigious events or on behalf of well-known artists or shows/festivals.
  • Specialise in certain types of events (fashion and luxury goods industry, weddings, fairs, etc.).
  • Working as a business consultant in event organisation
  • Organising events for public bodies
  • Working within public relations and press office agencies and Incentive Travel Agencies
  • Working as MICE manager (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) and Meeting Planner
  • Working as a Producer, i.e. as a coordinator of professionals and managing the entire operational and technical services sector for the realisation of Events, controlling and completing the economic, organisational and technical side, organising the timetable and technical proposals. 
  • Working as an Account Manager within Agencies, dealing with 'keeping in touch' with the company-client, collecting and interpreting the company's requests and possibly anticipating its needs, coordinating and supervising all operational activities towards clients of the various project teams of the agency's practices (divisions).

Do you want to become an event manager and learn all the skills needed to work in the event organisation industry? Discover the details of the Master in Event Management at the European Institute of Tourism.

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