The institute

European Tourism Institute

IET - Istituto Europeo del Turismo organises highly professionalised courses in all sectors related to the tourism market, from travel planning to hospitality, from tourism marketing management to event organisation.

Training and Work Placement

IET is one of the most accredited Italian realities operating in the field of tourism training, thanks to its constantly updated teaching programmes, state-of-the-art tools and teaching methods, and highly trained teachers with direct and consolidated experience in their field. The theoretical-practical approach of the courses integrates face-to-face lessons with practical exercises and a project work phase, followed by a period of work experience in selected partner companies: only in this way can students follow a preferential access channel to the world of work, concluding the training course with a solid foundation and a set of skills that can be immediately used in the search for employment.

Europe, beyond the borders of tourism

Going beyond national borders is the challenge taken up by IET with its range of training and specialisation courses to meet the demands of a constantly changing labour market. A true Tourism Academy that opens up from Italy to teachers and students from all over Europe. The international horizon is one of the strengths of the institute, which constantly seeks partnerships with facilities and companies operating outside national borders to project students into a dynamic and cosmopolitan context.

The Mission

IET is a school for advanced training in the tourism professions - understood in the broadest sense - that prepares well-rounded professionals in the sector, accompanying them in the delicate phase of entry into the world of work, in order to facilitate their employment. The institute aims to bridge the gap between training and work, exclusively preparing the professional figures most in demand by companies and giving students concrete career opportunities in the following sectors: reception, travel planning, food & beverage, airports, communication and marketing. Specialised courses on the use of the most popular software in companies in the sector complete the training offer.

Training and specialisation are the watchwords of the IET courses, which thus respond to a twofold need: that of the world of work (increasingly oriented towards recruiting professionals with already acquired skills) and that of those who wish to build a specific working career, not based on purely theoretical knowledge, but taking into account the real demands of companies, organisations and stakeholders, in step with the technological and economic changes taking place. The aim is to reach ever higher goals, thanks to constantly updated teaching methods and materials, which allow students to start accumulating highly specialised practical skills already during the teaching phase.

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