October 26, 2022

Wine routes: harvesting, savouring, walking among autumn ferments and flavours

Red, white or bubbly: autumn is a season inextricably linked to wine. It is harvest time, time for tasting, tastings and visits to wineries, and producers open the doors of their farms to host the most curious food and wine lovers. But that's not all: wine-related taste experiences are often accompanied by slow walks through woods and vineyards to admire the infinite variations of foliage, themed dinners and dedicated holiday proposals, as well as the inevitable festivals celebrating the most characteristic products. Below we have listed five autumn appointments with wine not to be missed open to the public in Italy and beyond!

The wine lounge in the Alpine heart of Merano

The Merano Wine Festivalfive days of tasting the excellence of wines from around the world and culinary delights in the heart of the Alps. The venue for the event every autumn is the famous Kurhaus in Merano, which glows inside and out during these days. The

Merano Wine festival & Culinaria has now become one of the most important events in the world of wine in Italy, certainly thanks to the philosophy of presenting only the best wines from around the world. The so-called Culinaria is a useful showcase for the presentation of gastronomic specialities to the public: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, chocolate, cured meats, cheese and coffee are just some of the exquisite proposals from international producers.

Wine and autumn flavours at the Puglia Wine Festival in Rutigliano

Four days dedicated to nectar of Apuliaand traditional dishes and folklore amidst travelling shows and traditional music, but that's not all; it is also possible to enjoy moments of cultural deepening thanks to conferences and guided tours of the city's historical monuments, which for the occasion is dressed in autumn colours thanks to themed decorations and displays.

Discovering the wines of Oltrepò Pavese

A landscape of gentle hills planted with vineyards, here and there a small village or an estate, panoramic roads that overlook a vast view: the Oltrepò Pavese is a geographic area in the south of the province of Pavia that is quite varied, where numerous villages of enchanting charm stand out, and wine lovers abound.

In autumn, after the grape harvest, the leaves of the vines inexorably turn yellow and red: the hills are all colourful and the landscape is incredibly lively. Hectares of history, hectolitres of tradition: in Oltrepò Pavese, vine cultivation is a vocation. In a marvellous setting of hills, woods and small villages, a new chapter in a story that began a good seventy-four years ago is proposed: initially known as Fiera del Regisole, today it is called Pavese Autumn and has more than fifty events on the calendar, including tastings, vineyard walks with picnics, and cellar visits to discover the production process and the history of wine.

Another great excellence of this territory is certainly craftsmanship, and it is precisely in order to enhance these ancient traditions, Pavese Autumn also includes His Masteryexhibition dedicated to master craftsmen and their workshops. Local artisans and artists will thus have the opportunity to show their creations to the public during some of the wine and food events of Autunno Pavese: an unprecedented showcase for the works of more than fifty masters, who work with glass, textiles, ceramics, wood and gold to make fine objects or innovative creations.

Livorno's excellence in the MareDiVino event

Two days dedicated to good drinking, the excellence of local products: MareDiVino is the great showcase of wines from the Province of Livorno, offered for tasting to the public of operators and enthusiasts. MareDiVino is a unique opportunity for knowledge, promotion and comparison of the best wine production in the area, through both free and guided tasting sessions.

The central event of MareDiVino is the great tasting at the counter: a station is set up for each producer with a dedicated tasting counter, with everything necessary to present the wines at their best and offer information material. The professionalism of the sommeliers assists in the service of the producers who request it and who are personally present at the event, so as to convey to those who taste their products all the history and philosophy in the glass. A large area is dedicated to gastronomy: many producers of oil, food, cured meats, honey, cheeses, flours and much more are hosted in a single pavilion to showcase the excellence of the territory, enhanced by the passion and work of the people who interpret and produce it. MareDiVino is also the event dedicated to young tasters: there are many workshops for children, both entertaining and instructive, which can be followed in the special area where a veritable toy library of taste is set up.

Celebrating life and wine in Austria: Loisium World of Wine

Autumn in Austria invites one to enjoy nature, food, drink and the still warm breeze that can be felt intensely as the heat of summer slowly recedes. The typical and unmistakable autumn scent of leaves in deciduous forests, moist earth, apples and pears wafts through the air; the nights are cool, in the mornings there is fog on the vines and dew on the meadows.

Autumn is a time of grape harvesting and fruit picking, but the cities are also animated in a special way with exhibitions, festivals, castles and museums.

Among the cultural and culinary proposals not to be missed is the Loisium World of Winea reference point for wine lovers in the Kamptal region, the largest in Austria in terms of vineyard area.

With its 900-year-old cellars and ancient underground corridors that stage wine with light and sound, the Loisium World of Wine offers unique wine experiences all year round, but during the autumn the location is dressed in gold and poetry to make the experience even more unforgettable.

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