January 20, 2023

Interrail sustainable tourism: the slow train across Europe

The beauty of rail travel is that what really counts is the experience rather than the destination, and travelling by rail allows you to fully embrace this philosophy.
As if on a journey back in time, recent generations have rediscovered the Interrail Passesan initiative ti economic tourism e sustainable which allows you to visit all Europe by train taking advantage of a single ticket. Thanks to a series of advantageous reductions, young people continue to represent the largest share of travellers, but families and the elderly are also on the increase; Interrail, in fact, suits everyone and is not only a journey of backpackingas the common imagination suggests: it is adventure, it is exploration, it is freedom.

A Pass in the name of sustainability

The Interrail Pass plays one of its best cards to incentivise travellers and that is the very strong vocation for sustainability: the train remains themore sustainable travel option to explore hidden corners of Europe, meet people and support more responsible tourism that supports local communities. Every time you take a plane, a taxi or use electricity, tonnes of CO2 are released into the environment: travelling by train saves up to 80% of emissions compared to flying.

Discovering four magnificent forests with Interrail

The first time on an Interrail is always full of doubts, curiosity and a few fears. There are two alternatives for leaving, the Global Passto visit up to 30 countries, and the One Country Passwhich allows you to land in only one country.
The Global Interrail exists in two different variants: it can be Continuouscontinuous duration, i.e. 15, 22 and 30 consecutive days, in which trains can be taken on each day of the pass's duration, and can be in the version Flexi where trains can only be taken on a certain number of days within the period of validity of the ticket, e.g. 5 days out of 10 or 10 days out of 22. 
Choosing which part of the continent to explore is not easy: among so many options, the city most popular to visit are Paris, Berlin, AmsterdamOslo and Berne. Alongside these more touristy destinations, there are four magnificent European forests that can be reached by rail:

  • The Black Forest, Germany
  • Wild Taiga, Finland
  • Triglav National Park Forest, Slovenia
  • Hallerbos Forest, Belgium

The IET's postgraduate course in sustainable and responsible tourism

In collaboration with Vitamin Project and with Walden walking tours , the professional training organisation IET offers the Postgraduate course in sustainable and responsible tourism, professional training course for all those already working in the tourism sector, while broadening and deepening their skills in organising environmentally friendly tourist routes.
Four certificates will be awarded at the end of the course:

  • Certificate of Participation signed by the European Tourism Institute
  • Occupational safety course certificate (low risk)
  • Certificate of Project Work
  • Internship certificate

Request a consultation with IET and find out all the details of the Course!

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